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Your Halloween Weekend Workout

Thanks to the staff at the Pinnacle Fitness Club for offering us not ONE, but TWO workouts to accomplish this Halloween Weekend. In between indulging in caramel apples, chocolate bars and candy corn, don’t forget to squeeze in a short workout. Happy Halloween!

Lunge with Cactus Arms




Start in a standing position. Step the left foot back 3-4 feet, bending the right leg at the knee. Have all ten toes, hips and shoulders pointing forward. Sit up nice and tall out of the hips. Next reach the arms up overhead, keeping the shoulders out of the ears. Turn the palms forward and pull the elbows down, squeezing the shoulder blades together and down the back. Hold for 20-60 seconds, then repeat with the left leg forward.

Benefits: This pose strengthens the legs, glutes, low back, upper back, and shoulders. It opens the chest which can become constricted when sitting all day and works the balance.

Push-up to Triceps Dip




Directions: Start with the hands on the 2nd step in a plank position (hands underneath shoulders, shoulder blades pulled down the back, hips lifted but the backside is a long line from the head to the heels—no booty up in the air—legs strong). Without losing the alignment of the core, bend the elbows and lower into a push-up position. Press back up. Next turn over so that your chest is up. Body is balanced on the heels and hands, still in the plank position. Point the elbows behind you and bend them, lowering the hips down. Press back up. Repeat, switching from push-up to triceps dip for 10-12 reps.

Move of the Month: Speed Skater

Are you looking for a move that incorporates both cardio and strength? If so, then the speed skater, as demonstrated by the staff at Pinnacle Fitness, is the perfect move to work your inner and outer thighs, legs, core, shoulders, and upper back. Plus, the more reps you do, the more your heart gets a workout too!


Step One: Stand centered


Step Two: Step the left foot back and to the right, bending into the right leg. The left hand comes down toward the right foot while the right arm lifts up and back.





Step Three: Jump off of the right leg, landing in the same half-squat position on the left, this time kicking the right leg behind and to the left while the right hand comes toward left foot and left arm reaches up and back.

Keep going side to side for 3 sets of 10-16 repetitions on each side. The wider you make your jumps, the harder you will challenge the cardio system and the body’s strength and balance. This exercise is good for working the fast twitch muscle fibers.

Move of the Month: Partner Burpee

Erin and Jason with the Pinnacle Fitness Club have a move that is part strength and part cardiovascular. This move is sure to get you in shape for wedding season!

Cool things about this exercise:

  1. There is no equipment needed
  2. You can do it with your maid of honor or your groom or whomever you’d like
  3. This is both a full body strengthening activity and a cardiovascular one really upping your caloric burn


Step 1:

Start by lying on your belly side by side with your buddy with your hands planted on the ground underneath your shoulders.


Step 2: 

Partner 1 engages her core and, maintaining a strong torso, presses up to a kneeling plank position.


Step 3:

Partner 1 straightens legs so she is now in a full plank, toes to hands.


Step 4: 

Partner 1 jumps both feet up to her hands to land in a squat position.


Step 5:

Partner 1 jumps laterally over Partner 2, then reverses the sequence–lands in a squat position, hops both feet back to a plank, lowers to her knees (or if she has the core strength, lowers from her toes) back to her belly next to her buddy.


Step 6:

Partner 2’s turn! Partner 2 completes Steps 2-5. Complete 5-10 going laterally to the right, then switch and go left laterally.

Click here for a video tutorial.

Move of the Month: Partner Plank with Towel Pull

With warmer weather approaching, it’s time for you and your significant other to get in shape together. Try this partner plank with towel pull for the ultimate strength activity. According to Erin, a certified personal trainer with the Pinnacle Fitness Club , this exercise is amazing because it offers a full body workout, can be done with your significant other, and the only equipment required is a towel, rope, t-shirt or tie. Thanks to the Pinnacle Fitness Club for demonstrating the move!
Step 1: Plank Position 
Set up your plank. Face your buddy with a towel (or rope, t-shirt, etc.). Place the towel between you and your partner with the end by both of your right hands. Beginners can set up from their knees, if needed. Hands/wrists are right underneath the shoulders. Push up through the hands up into the shoulder blades for a nice firm upper back–chest is open through the collar bones. Entire core is tight–no droopy belly or low back! Legs are a strong base. Feet are wider than hip distance apart to create more stability. Toes are slightly behind the ankles if going from the toes. If going from the knees, nothing changes except that your knees are on the ground wider than hip distance apart.
Step 2: Towel Grab
Pick up your towel with your right hand. Stay strong through the whole body, especially the hips. Try to keep your hips square to the ground (this is why we set up with feet wider than hip distance apart).
Step 3: Towel Pull
Both partners pull the towel. This will require you to become even tighter through your core. Don’t forget to maintain square hips and shoulders! Hold for 10, 20, 30 seconds–work your way up. See how long you can go while still maintaining good form!
Step 4: Switch sides and repeat

Move of the Month: Dive-Bomber Push-Up

Looking to get your upper back and arms in shape before wedding season begins? Erin from Omaha’s Pinnacle Fitness Club shows us how to do a dive-bomber push-up. A few of these a day will keep the arm flab away! For more fitness tips, please visit Pinnacle Fitness Club’s YouTube Channel.

Step one


Step two
Step two


Step three
Step three


Step four
Step four

Check out Erin’s video tutorial to learn the sequence of movements required for the dive-bomber push-up. Make sure you click the “expand” button in the far right corner for full screen viewing.