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Pandemic Wedding Woes

These last few weeks have been challenging for the entire world. During this unprecedented time, we’ve witnessed closures, cancellations, and postponements. Feelings of immeasurable distress have filled many hearts, as we experience our sense of normalcy dissipating on a daily basis. Little by little, hour by hour, we’re losing a part of what makes us human.

We are social beings who thrive on interacting with others. Seeing the cancellation of all that we commemorate has been hard on everyone, especially those who were planning to get married this spring. Marriage is a celebration that brings together friends and family from all over the country and sometimes from across the world. We all know how much work goes into planning a wedding ceremony and reception. Couples spend months preparing for their special day, which is why it’s been so hard seeing the frustration that these couples have been dealt. 

During this unparalleled time, it’s important to remember two things:

  1.  While the party may be temporarily halted, your love didn’t hit pause. Don’t lose sight of the true meaning of marriage. Instead, shift your focus to celebrating two souls coming together to create one love. Cherish the time you have with your partner and treasure the love that you share. In due time, life will go on and you will be able to celebrate your wedding with all of your friends and family in attendance.
  2. If you and your fiancé can make it through this pandemic, you can make it through anything; even figuring out who should sit next to each other at the reception. 

Keep calm and marry on! 

You’re Engaged; Now what?

For newly engaged couples, the weeks following an engagement can seem like a blur. You’ve probably spent time celebrating with friends and family, posting adorable engagement photos on social media, and trying to navigate questions regarding your upcoming nuptials. Before you even hit the ground running, the mere thought of planning your wedding can feel overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to begin.

Don’t hit the panic button just yet! We have some tips for helping you begin the planning process.

  1. Take your time: Don’t feel like you have to start planning immediately just because your friends and family have been pressuring you for a date and location. Enjoy your engagement before the craziness of wedding planning commences. Just know that if you want a certain date and venue, you may want to start making some phone calls to check on availability.
  2. Shop around: It seems like wedding planning is becoming more of a race instead of a slow and steady marathon. Couples feel pressured to reserve their venue and vendors as soon as possible for fear of missing out. Before you book a venue or choose any of your wedding vendors, you need to shop around for comparison purposes.
  3. Create a plan of action: Know what you need and have a plan of action for getting things accomplished. This is the stage of planning where a wedding coordinator can be a huge asset. If you cannot afford a wedding coordinator, consider delegating the planning tasks to friends and family. Have your mom call caterers while your fiance contacts bands. It feels great crossing items off a to-do list!
  4. Persevere: Eventually, you’ll start to grow weary of the planning process. You’ll hit a wall and wish the big day would just get here. Keep plugging away, but know that it’s okay to take a week off from planning. Reconnect with your fiance and plan a fun date night that doesn’t revolve around wedding planning.
  5. Refocus: It’s so easy to get caught up in the details of the day that you forget why you’re planning everything in the first place. The day is about you and your fiance; nothing more, nothing less. Keep reminding yourself that there’s an amazing light at the end of your tunnel that leads to marriage. If you keep this thought in the back of your mind, you’ll save yourself a lot of stress. P.S. No one cares or notices how the napkins are folded. Stop stressing about this detail!

In a Sunny State of Mind

Despite the horrendous winter weather that keeps looming around Omaha, the spring 2018 wedding season is in full bloom!

For couples still putting the finishing touches on their springtime nuptials, we’re excited to showcase some of our favorite sunny shades that embrace brighter, more cheerful days!

Think peach, yellow and tangerine! Brides and grooms can incorporate these warm hues in everything from their signature drink to accents in their bouquets and boutonnieres.

When incorporating bright hues such as yellow, tangerine and peach, think simple. Color contrast is where it’s at, so a minimal approach is best. Sometimes all you need is just a sprinkle of sunshine to embrace the warmth that springtime brings.

Scoular Ballroom’s event assistant, JoAnna LeFlore, recommends the following ways to incorporate these bright, cheerful springtime colors:

  • Display your favorite accent by tying colored ribbons around your napkins.
  • Embrace your color by featuring it in Scoular Ballroom’s up-lighting.
  • Play around with fashionable accents such as hairpieces and/or jewelry.
  • Add a pinch of pizzazz to a floral bouquet or feature a colorful table runner on the head table.
  • Create a dessert around your color such as a macaroon display or wedding cake.
  • Don’t forget the beverages! Signature drinks in your accent color will keep your guests fashionably refreshed.


For color inspiration, check out this mood board by JoAnna: For more inspiration, check out Scoular Ballroom’s Pinterest boards:, and

Happy planning!

Below are a few images taken from actual events within the Scoular Ballroom. Enjoy!

Modern Wedding Etiquette

From over-the-top glamorous affairs to chic DIY events, the Ballroom has hosted a wide variety of parties that have pleased a plethora of palates and budgets. Even though no two events are alike in terms of budget and/or aesthetic, the same wedding etiquette applies to any type of soiree.

Since the Ballroom’s employees are constantly faced with tough questions regarding wedding etiquette, they’ve decided to address some of the most common topics discussed.

Guest List: So, you’ve selected a venue that comfortably fits 300, but you’re so popular that you have 500 people on your guest list. You may want to reconsider so you don’t run into any capacity issues the day of the event. Always pick a venue based on your total guest count. Do not apply the 1/3 of the people will not show up rule because you may be in for a surprise. Not sure who to cut? Create a list from scratch and select immediate family members and close friends first. There’s no rule that states you have to invite everyone you have come into contact with throughout your life. It’s perfectly fine to leave your mailman and 2nd grade teacher off the list.

What happens if you don’t plan accordingly: Your venue will not be able to accommodate the extra guests. There will not be enough room or enough tables or chairs set up. Your reception will feel cramped and your guests will not be happy.

Inviting Co-Workers: A lot of brides and grooms ask if inviting co-workers is essential. If you have a close personal relationship with a colleague at work and you have a friendship outside of the office, by all means invite him or her. Be careful though because things can get tricky and people’s feelings can be hurt. It’s okay to invite your boss or manager, but keep the invites on the down low. Don’t make the invite extension water cooler conversation.

What happens if you make your wedding the talk of the office: The more you talk about it, the more people will expect to be invited. When some people get invitations and others don’t, expect some animosity to occur. People will feel very hurt, which will make you feel uncomfortable.

Plus One Rule: This gets tricky because some people expect to bring a guest. Even when there’s no plus one indicated on the invitation, people still think it’s okay to bring someone. For brides and grooms, it’s polite to give someone a plus one if they are engaged or seriously dating someone, or if they will be traveling from out of town and won’t know anyone else.

What happens if you don’t make the plus one rule clear: There have been so many awkward encounters at weddings within the Ballroom where people are assigned a seat and clearly didn’t pay attention to the lack of a plus one on the invite. It usually leaves the guest out of a seat and feeling out of place. A lot of venues work with the couples to create a very detailed seating chart and layout. Don’t expect a venue to set extra chairs or roll out another table during the event. If it’s a plated meal, the guest will likely not get served without a place card.

Wedding Party Inclusion: The Ballroom has seen a lot of large wedding parties, but the largest has to be the one with over 30 people. Basically, there were 15 bridesmaids and 15 groomsmen. There comes a point in time when head tables can only be so big. It’s okay to cut people and just stick with your siblings, cousins or very close friends. You don’t need to extend a bridesmaid invite to your entire sorority.

What happens if your bridal party is too large: Your venue might have certain restrictions in place on how many people can sit at a head table. You will also run into a lot of different opinions on bridesmaid dresses and tux rentals. The less people; the less hassle.

Food Allergy Overload: From a catering standpoint, it seems that everyone is allergic to something from dairy to eggs to black pepper. While some people are truly allergic to mushrooms or tomatoes, others simply have an aversion to these food groups. Unless someone is truly allergic to something, do not accommodate their food requests. Obviously, vegetarians, vegans, and other dietary restrictions can and should be honored, but guests shouldn’t push the envelope with their requests. One example is a guest who noted on their reply card that they were on a diet and wanted a healthy salad instead of the meal selected by the bride and groom. Not happening!

What happens if everyone writes an allergy on their reply card: Hopefully, you’ll know your guests well enough to know if it’s a true allergy. If you have your doubts or someone is being really picky and it seems a bit over the top, contact them and explain that the menu is set. Most people should understand this and will plan to eat at home prior to arriving.

Got a question for us? Let us know by leaving a comment.

Stay tuned for more wedding etiquette advice! Happy planning!



Beat the Engagement Season Rush

Looking to get hitched in 2017? Here’s how to secure your date and beat the engagement season rush…

For all you engaged couples who have yet to decide on a reception venue, you need to make a decision before Thanksgiving. Did you know that from Thanksgiving Day to Valentine’s Day  a magical spell is cast over all couples? Well, it’s not magical, but something does happen that spurs a lot of engagements. According to wedding blogs and vendors, Thanksgiving Day marks the start of engagement season. If you want to beat the crazy rush, secure your venue and your chosen vendors by Thanksgiving or risk the chance of losing out to other couples.

For all you couples who get engaged this Thanksgiving, enjoy your engagement, but make sure you have a plan of action come Monday. Research your top venues and schedule some tours. For those of you who want to revel in the moment a bit longer and put off the planning, you may have to postpone your  wedding to the off-season or wait another year due to lack of availability in the prime season.

For those of you who get engaged between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day, know that the pickings might be slim, especially if you are shooting for a 2017 wedding. Set real expectations and be flexible with your venue choice and vendor selections. You may not get your number one photographer, but don’t let that hold you back from having your dream wedding.

As a reminder, the Scoular Ballroom will be closed on Thanksgiving Day and Weekend. Tours will resume on November 27. Schedule your tour today: (402) 449-1424.

Reserving a Hotel for Your Guests

One of the many aspects of the wedding planning process that brides and grooms often overlook is reserving a hotel for their out-of-town guests. It’s a common courtesy to recommend a hotel and reserve a block of rooms for the guests who travel a great distance to be a part of your nuptials. We recently spoke with Kaytie Groen, the corporate catering manager of the Doubletree by Hilton Omaha Downtown, for her perspective on brides and grooms reserving a hotel.


Why should brides/grooms reserve hotel rooms for their guests?

KG: Many brides and grooms don’t have the space in their homes for all of their out-of-town guests. Reserving a block of rooms allows those guests to stay close together as well as close to the destinations that are most important to the occasion.

How far in advance do brides/grooms need to reserve a block of hotel rooms?

KG: We recommend as soon as possible in order to reserve the best rate. Generally speaking, the further out from the event date, the better the rate. We will always try to provide them with the best rate no matter the time frame.

What should brides/grooms look for when choosing a hotel for their guests?

KG: Location and shuttle service are the number one factors that I hear from my brides and grooms. A low guestroom rate and cancellation charges fall close behind in the decision making process.

What are some of the amenities that the Doubletree Omaha Downtown provides?

KG: Doubletree Omaha Downtown is a full service hotel, which offers great options for travelers including restaurant and room service, bar and lounge areas, a pool for relaxing, as well as dry cleaning services. Complimentary airport shuttle is available to all of our hotel guests, as well as locations within a 4 mile radius of the hotel. Dedicated shuttle service is available to locations of their choice with a two hour minimum with an hourly rate. We create a custom webpage for each wedding group to book from, which allows them to monitor room pick up and names. Also, choosing a hotel that offers a warm, chocolate chip cookie upon arrival is always a good decision!



For more information on the Doubletree Omaha Downtown, please visit their website.

*Photos courtesy of Doubletree Omaha Downtown.