Pandemic Wedding Woes

These last few weeks have been challenging for the entire world. During this unprecedented time, we’ve witnessed closures, cancellations, and postponements. Feelings of immeasurable distress have filled many hearts, as we experience our sense of normalcy dissipating on a daily basis. Little by little, hour by hour, we’re losing a part of what makes us human.

We are social beings who thrive on interacting with others. Seeing the cancellation of all that we commemorate has been hard on everyone, especially those who were planning to get married this spring. Marriage is a celebration that brings together friends and family from all over the country and sometimes from across the world. We all know how much work goes into planning a wedding ceremony and reception. Couples spend months preparing for their special day, which is why it’s been so hard seeing the frustration that these couples have been dealt. 

During this unparalleled time, it’s important to remember two things:

  1.  While the party may be temporarily halted, your love didn’t hit pause. Don’t lose sight of the true meaning of marriage. Instead, shift your focus to celebrating two souls coming together to create one love. Cherish the time you have with your partner and treasure the love that you share. In due time, life will go on and you will be able to celebrate your wedding with all of your friends and family in attendance.
  2. If you and your fiancé can make it through this pandemic, you can make it through anything; even figuring out who should sit next to each other at the reception. 

Keep calm and marry on!