DIY: Floral Wreath

Who doesn’t love a little DIY project every now and then?! We recently attended a floral class at Loess Hills Floral Studio to learn how to create the perfect floral wreath. Whether you’re recently engaged or married, this floral wreath could feature the initial of your new last name or it could serve as a thank you gift to your host couple, your mother, your grandmother, or to an aunt or friend who has gone out of the way to help you during the wedding planning process. Below you will find a few instructions and a link to other DIY classes at Loess Hills Floral Studio.

Remember to Keep Calm and Get Your Create On! 

First: Gather your supplies! You’ll need silk flowers, floral wire cutters, ribbon, a hot glue gun and glue, floral wire or craft string, pipe cleaner, a wooden letter, spray paint, and the actual wreath.




Second: Using your floral cutters, cut the largest vine that wraps around the wreath. Once this has been removed, gently begin to pull the wreath apart. Don’t pull it too much, but instead separate the branches. Once you’ve done that, take your pipe cleaner and fasten it to one end of the wreath.



Third: Once you have the pipe cleaner in place, start tying your ribbon in a bow and place it where the pipe cleaner is located.


Fourth: Cut your silk flowers from the main stem and begin gluing them into the wreath using your hot glue gun. Make sure you stick the stems deep within the branches behind the bow. Use a lot of hot glue to ensure the stems stay in place. You can use the larger, fuller flowers to cover up the center of your bow.


Fifth: Spray paint your letter and let it dry while you finish adding the flowers to your wreath.



Finally: It’s time to add your letter to your wreath. Using your floral string, tie the letter onto the wreath attaching the string to the branches on the backside of the wreath.



We apologize for the brief instructions. It’s hard to craft and jot down notes at the same time. We encourage you to take a floral class at Loess Hills Floral Studio to test your crafting skills. For more information, please visit this link.


Happy Crafting!