Move of the Month: Partner Plank with Towel Pull

With warmer weather approaching, it’s time for you and your significant other to get in shape together. Try this partner plank with towel pull for the ultimate strength activity. According to Erin, a certified personal trainer with the Pinnacle Fitness Club , this exercise is amazing because it offers a full body workout, can be done with your significant other, and the only equipment required is a towel, rope, t-shirt or tie. Thanks to the Pinnacle Fitness Club for demonstrating the move!
Step 1: Plank Position 
Set up your plank. Face your buddy with a towel (or rope, t-shirt, etc.). Place the towel between you and your partner with the end by both of your right hands. Beginners can set up from their knees, if needed. Hands/wrists are right underneath the shoulders. Push up through the hands up into the shoulder blades for a nice firm upper back–chest is open through the collar bones. Entire core is tight–no droopy belly or low back! Legs are a strong base. Feet are wider than hip distance apart to create more stability. Toes are slightly behind the ankles if going from the toes. If going from the knees, nothing changes except that your knees are on the ground wider than hip distance apart.
Step 2: Towel Grab
Pick up your towel with your right hand. Stay strong through the whole body, especially the hips. Try to keep your hips square to the ground (this is why we set up with feet wider than hip distance apart).
Step 3: Towel Pull
Both partners pull the towel. This will require you to become even tighter through your core. Don’t forget to maintain square hips and shoulders! Hold for 10, 20, 30 seconds–work your way up. See how long you can go while still maintaining good form!
Step 4: Switch sides and repeat