Move of the Month: Partner Burpee

Erin and Jason with the Pinnacle Fitness Club have a move that is part strength and part cardiovascular. This move is sure to get you in shape for wedding season!

Cool things about this exercise:

  1. There is no equipment needed
  2. You can do it with your maid of honor or your groom or whomever you’d like
  3. This is both a full body strengthening activity and a cardiovascular one really upping your caloric burn


Step 1:

Start by lying on your belly side by side with your buddy with your hands planted on the ground underneath your shoulders.


Step 2: 

Partner 1 engages her core and, maintaining a strong torso, presses up to a kneeling plank position.


Step 3:

Partner 1 straightens legs so she is now in a full plank, toes to hands.


Step 4: 

Partner 1 jumps both feet up to her hands to land in a squat position.


Step 5:

Partner 1 jumps laterally over Partner 2, then reverses the sequence–lands in a squat position, hops both feet back to a plank, lowers to her knees (or if she has the core strength, lowers from her toes) back to her belly next to her buddy.


Step 6:

Partner 2’s turn! Partner 2 completes Steps 2-5. Complete 5-10 going laterally to the right, then switch and go left laterally.

Click here for a video tutorial.