Your Halloween Weekend Workout

Thanks to the staff at the Pinnacle Fitness Club for offering us not ONE, but TWO workouts to accomplish this Halloween Weekend. In between indulging in caramel apples, chocolate bars and candy corn, don’t forget to squeeze in a short workout. Happy Halloween!

Lunge with Cactus Arms




Start in a standing position. Step the left foot back 3-4 feet, bending the right leg at the knee. Have all ten toes, hips and shoulders pointing forward. Sit up nice and tall out of the hips. Next reach the arms up overhead, keeping the shoulders out of the ears. Turn the palms forward and pull the elbows down, squeezing the shoulder blades together and down the back. Hold for 20-60 seconds, then repeat with the left leg forward.

Benefits: This pose strengthens the legs, glutes, low back, upper back, and shoulders. It opens the chest which can become constricted when sitting all day and works the balance.

Push-up to Triceps Dip




Directions: Start with the hands on the 2nd step in a plank position (hands underneath shoulders, shoulder blades pulled down the back, hips lifted but the backside is a long line from the head to the heels—no booty up in the air—legs strong). Without losing the alignment of the core, bend the elbows and lower into a push-up position. Press back up. Next turn over so that your chest is up. Body is balanced on the heels and hands, still in the plank position. Point the elbows behind you and bend them, lowering the hips down. Press back up. Repeat, switching from push-up to triceps dip for 10-12 reps.